How Do I Check In For Allegiant Flights?

Airlines offer travellers several ways to check in for their flight: you can use the carrier’s mobile app, check-in online, or head to the ticket counter to get your boarding pass for that day. This article will help you identify your travel options so that it’s easier for you to find a convenience that best fits your schedule.

How Do Allegiant Airlines Check-In for a Flight?

Allegiant Airlines offers a few different ways to check in for your flight.

  • Online Check-in : You can check in online starting 24 hours before your flight. 
  • Mobile Check-in : You can Check-in easily with Allegiant Airlines mobile App.
  • Airport Check-in : Allegiant Airlines offer Airport check-in facility. you can simply visit at the airport and do the Check-in at Airport Counter.

If you need assistance, you can always contact Allegiant Airlines customer service for more assistance.

When Can I Check In For a Flight With Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Airlines offers three ways to check-in for your flight: online, with the mobile app, or at the airport counter. Online check-in is available starting 24 hours before your flight departure time. 

With the mobile app, you can check in starting 24 hours before your flight. If you prefer to do it in person, you can go to the airport counter and check in starting 60 minutes before your flight.

Allegiant Airlines online Check-in

To check in for your flight with Allegiant Airlines, simply visit the airline’s website at, enter your reservation number and other details. 

From there, you’ll be able to select your seat, print your boarding pass, and add any additional luggage to your reservation. 

Check-in opens 24 hours before departure, so be sure to do so as early as possible to avoid any delays or problems.

Steps to do online check-in

To check in online from Allegiant’s website:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Check-in tab as shown above
  3. Choose how you want to check-in
  4. Enter the information for whichever option you choose
  5. Click on the Continue button
  6. Select your flight and follow the prompts to check in

Allegiant Airlines Mobile Check-in

Allegiant Airlines offers mobile check-in for its passengers. This service allows you to check in for your flight using your mobile device. You can use the Allegiant Airlines mobile app or the mobile website to check in. 

All you need is your confirmation number, first and last name, and date of birth. Once you’ve checked in, you can print your boarding pass or have it emailed to you.

You can use the mobile app for:

  • Check-in for your Allegiant Airlines tickets
  • Download your mobile boarding pass (and access it later)
  • Review and access your upcoming trips
  • View and select seats
  • Confirm, check, or add baggage 
  • Upgrade to Priority Boarding
  • Receive flight status notifications
  • Manage important self-service functions  

Allegiant Airlines Check-in at the Airport

Allegiant Airlines offers a convenient check-in process at the airport. You just need to find the Allegiant Airlines Check-in Counter. Show your Travel Booking Documents like flight ticket, you ID Proof. The agent will give you the boarding Pass.

  • You can check in your Baggage at the Counter
  • You’ll be assigned a seat at the counter (unless you’ve already selected it)
  • You’ll be given your boarding pass (unless you’ve downloaded it or made a printout)

Allegiant Airlines Boarding Process

If you’re flying with Allegiant Airlines, it’s important to know their boarding process. All passengers must be checked in and have their boarding pass ready before they can enter the gate area. Once you  are at the gate, Allegiant uses a Zonal Loading system to board the plane.

This means that passengers are divided into groups, according to where they will be sitting on the plane.

The first group to board is group 1, which is made up of passengers who need special assistance. groups 2-4 board, followed by group 5 (the last group to board).

If you want to avoid the hassle of having to wait in line to board the plane, Allegiant offers an Express Boarding pass for an additional fee. With this pass, you can board the plane at any time.

The boarding zones in the order boarding priority are as follows:

  1. Pre-boarding. This Zone Includes passengers requiring special assistance. 
  2. Priority/Express Boarding. Includes passengers who have purchased the Priority Access add-on.  
  3. Family Boarding. Includes passengers travelling with strollers and car seats. 
  4. Zone 1. Includes passengers occupying exit row seats. 
  5. Zone 2. Includes passengers seated in rows 25-40 and travelling without carry-on baggage. 
  6. Zone 3. Includes passengers seated in rows 1-24 and travelling without carry-on baggage. 
  7. Zone 4. Includes passengers seated in rows 25-40 and travelling with carry-on baggage. 
  8. Zone 5. Includes passengers seated in rows 10-24 and travelling with carry-on baggage. 
  9. Zone 6. Includes passengers seated in rows 1-9 and travelling with carry-on baggage.


We hope this article has helped clear up any confusion you may have had about how to check in for Allegiant flights. Remember, you can always check in online or at the airport, and if you have any other questions, our customer service representatives will be happy to help. Safe travels!

For more help or assistance you can reach us at +1-501-299-9845

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