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Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy 2022

If you are planning to book the flight tickets with Southwest Airlines, it is important to be aware of Southwest Airlines cancellation policy. This article will outline the steps you need to take if you need to cancel your flight, as well as the fees and penalties associated with canceling. So, whether you’ve changed your mind about your trip or something comes up that forces you to cancel, read on for all the information you need.

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Here are the important highlights from the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy –

Southwest Airlines has three kinds of fares. Wanna Get Away, Anytime and Business Select are cancellable options for those looking to escape work or enjoy some time off with their family; whereas If it’s business as usual that you’re after, there is also the option available that can be reused but not refunded in case your plans change on short notice like an emergency situation arising at last minute before departure.

Southwest Airlines has a really cool policy that lets you use your ticket for any future trip up to one year after the date it was initially purchased. The only restriction is if someone else bought their seat too, then they can’t go on this beautiful adventure with me!

Southwest Airlines No Show policy is pretty simple: in accordance with the company’s No-Show rule, fares need to be canceled at least 10 minutes before your scheduled flight departure time. If this doesn’t happen and there are no substitutes available for you on shorter notice than that, of course, we’ll offer a refund or credit toward another Southwest Ticket purchase!

If You have booked the refundable fare like Anytime or Business fare and need to cancel your trip, you need to request a cancellation and Refund to Southwest Airlines. They will refund 100% of the fare in original form or Travel Funds for future use.

You’ll want to cancel your Southwest Airlines flights booked with reward points. Request Southwest Airlines and apply for the refund of your reward point used while booking the ticket. As per the Southwest Airlines cancellation Policy, you will be debited with some points as a penalty, and the remaining point balance will be credited back. Ant taxes and fees will also qualify for a flight refund!

Southwest 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your flight booking within 24 hours of making it, Southwest Airlines will refund any fare back to the original form of payment. You can also opt for Travel Funds instead and use them toward future flights with their partner airlines!

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Fee

Southwest Airlines has a unique cancellation fee policy in which they do not charge customers when their flights get canceled. This is compared to other major airlines, where the price ranges from 200 USD up depending on what airline you’re traveling with and whether or not there was enough time left before your trip began.

You can also make changes to your Southwest Airlines flight without penalty until you check in for it. If you wish to make any change or cancel your ticket after this, there will be a fee involved depending upon the kind of fare that you bought.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Fee

How to Cancel Southwest Airlines Flight?

Now that you know the policy let’s look at how to cancel your Southwest Airlines flights.

If you are canceling because of some emergency or last-minute work issue, call Southwest Airlines directly at 801-792-8472 (Reservations), 1-800-I–FLY–SWA (Customer Care), and speak to one of their customer service representatives. Keep in mind that you will need your confirmation number, which you’ll find on the top right corner of your itinerary. The representative will let you know how much your cancellation fee will be.

If you need to cancel your flight because of illness, injury, or death in your immediate family (traveling companions), you will be able to get a refund or change the date of travel without penalty up to 10 minutes before the scheduled departure. To seek this kind of assistance, call Southwest Airlines directly at 1-800-I–FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) or 1-(800)-I–FLY-SWA (-1-(800)-43597292). you can also visit southwest official website at

However, you must provide your confirmation number to the representative so they can confirm that it is a qualifying reason for a refund or change.

For any cancellation after the time stated above, Southwest Airlines charges fees based on the type of ticket you have used. If your ticket was refundable, then there won’t be any additional charges if it was canceled before the proper time frame. For non-refundable tickets, you’ll be charged a fee of 200 USD per person if it’s the day of travel or after 20 minutes have passed. If your type of ticket isn’t refundable, then you’ll need to pay any fare back in addition to taxes and fees before you can get reimbursed.

Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge fees for making changes to your reservation, but it affects the fare you paid. If you bought a refundable ticket and changed your flight date or time before departure, there shouldn’t be any price difference. But if you need to make any changes after this point or apply for a refund.

You can also change your reservation online by logging into your account. At the top, click on the ‘My Trips’ link and scroll to the trip you wish to change.

You can cancel your flight by following these steps:

To Cancel your Southwest Airlines Ticket or to make any changes in your flight ticket, First you need to go to the southwest office website at or go your Southwest Mobile App.

Southwest Airlines Manage Booking Page

Once you’ve opened the Southwest Airlines mobile app or on Desktop, select ‘Manage Reservation. This will take us to our confirmation page, where we can see all of your flight details and make any changes or cancel your ticket.

Southwest Cancellation Manage

Type the six-digit confirmation number and your passenger’s name in this field to begin processing their request.

Southwest Manage Booking

To cancel your Southwest Airlines flight, go to the ‘Cancel Flights’ button and select a passenger. You can also pick just one person if they have more than one confirmation with them attached for their booking.

Southwest Airlines’ rapid rewards cancellation policy allows flyers to cancel or change their reservation by logging in and looking it up.

Cancel a Southwest Airlines flight over the phone

You can cancel your flight by following these steps:

Call Southwest Airlines customer service directly at 1-800-I–FLY–SWA (1-800-435-9792) or 1-(800)-I–FLY-SWA (-1-(800)-43597292) or visit the website.

Make sure you have a six-digit booking reference and the passenger’s name handy in order to find their reservation.

In order to cancel a booking, you may need the assistance of an expert. The Airlines Support team should be able to help you with this process, and it’s best if they can refund you the booking amount spent on the ticket you booked on the original mode of payment.

If you have used a credit card or debit card to pay for your ticket, you may be able to get a refund on the same credit card. If not, the airline will issue you a voucher for any difference between what you paid and what it would have cost originally.

You should call Southwest Airlines directly if you need to cancel or change your flight because of an emergency or other unexpected situation that prevents you from going on your trip.

You should also call Southwest Airlines to cancel or change a ticket if you can’t travel because you have been hospitalized if your traveling companion has been killed, put in the hospital for an emergency situation by a doctor’s order, or because of other unexpected events that prevent you from going on your trip.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy for Non-refundable tickets

A non-refundable ticket may cost more to change or cancel, so it’s important to understand Southwest Airlines’ policy around these types of tickets.

Southwest Airlines does allow passengers to make changes or cancel non-refundable fares. In the case of non-refundable fare, you can cancel the ticket and apply for a refund for a medical emergency or any unforeseen situation. In these exceptional cases, the Southwest airlines may give you the refund as a future credit, which you can use later in the future. Use the Travel funds and then purchase a new ticket and book it on a non-refundable fare.

The other way is to make the changes in your travel date, but you’ll need to pay any difference in the cost as well as a change fee before they can go on the trip.

If you want to book any new flight ticket after cancellation, the best way is with last-minute options. It’s an affordable cost that can be hard for some people in these instances because they are not able or prepared enough at first glance without help from a representative of Southwest Airlines who will give them details on their policy regarding cancellations.

Frequently Asked Questions for Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

There are multiple ways to get your ticket canceled. You can do it yourself via Southwest App or through the Southwest Airlines website on your desktop computer. You can also call the Southwest Airlines Customer Support Phone Number to assist you with your cancellation. Southwest Airlines! has Customer Care Representatives available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1- 800-435-9792).

You should cancel your reservation as soon as possible if you have decided not to travel on your reservation. This will avoid any cancellation charges and ensure that the seat is available for another customer. Contact Customer support when you decide to cancel your ticket and keep your six-digit confirmation code and name ready.

Within 24 hours of your original confirmed departure time. If you cancel within this period, the funds will be available for a refund. If you have chosen to cancel a non-refundable ticket, the value of your original fare will be forfeited.

All fares are non-refundable, and Southwest Airlines does not issue flight credit in the case of No show. In some exceptional cases, If you are holding a non-refundable ticket, your fare may be used toward future travel on Southwest Airlines if it is within the next year for flights equal to or greater in value.

Yes! You can make changes by yourself through your online account or by calling 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792). If you are making a change to your original reservation, the current fare will apply. Customers may make changes themselves online or by phone. There will be a Date change fee, and fare difference will be applicable. If you want us to change, do contact us.

In case southwest airlines cancel the flight. You are eligible to get a full refund in your original mode of payment. Or you may choose a future date at no extra cost.

We offer fully refundable tickets, Non-refundable tickets, special fares for seniors, military personnel, and students, plus free travel companion fares. We also offer last-minute deals on non-refundable one-way or roundtrip bookings that we call Weekend Getaways. These fares must be purchased at least four days prior to your travel date.

You can cancel or make any changes in your reservation with a fully refundable ticket any time before departure for no charge. There is a fee if you choose to make changes to a non-refundable ticket. Changes to non-refundable tickets can be made up until 2 hours of departure time. If you wish to cancel the non-refundable ticket, your booking amount will be forfeited, and no amount will be refunded.

Lost or stolen tickets are valid for travel when accompanied by the passenger’s government-issued photo identification. Southwest Airlines recommends that you check in online and print your boarding pass to expedite your arrival at the departure gate.

You can reprint your boarding pass at no charge by logging into your Southwest Airlines account on our website at, go to My Trips, then under Manage Travel, click on the Edit button next to each trip listed for that reservation. If you no longer have an email address or do not have an account, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Customer Care to reprint your boarding pass. You will be required to show the confirmation number and the photo identification at the airport check-in counter when you retrieve your boarding pass.

If you are not flying on your booked date and you wish to change the travel date, you do the change by yourself or with the help of the customer support team, but there will be date change charges applicable with the fare difference.

Southwest Airlines charges fees for all changes and cancellations, except when the initial reservation is canceled within 24 hours of booking or if you are traveling on an unpublished fare (Wanna Get Away, Anytime, Business Select, or Senior Fares).

Southwest Airlines does not issue flight credit if you fail to show for your flight; therefore, we recommend that you arrive at the departure gate on time and be prepared to board prior to the boarding.

Southwest Airlines will refund the points used to purchase your ticket back into your Rapid Rewards account after your cancellation request has been processed, subject to an administrative fee of $75 per person. If you purchased a non-refundable fare with points, then the unredeemed points will be forfeited to Southwest.

If your reservation is canceled within 24 hours of booking or if you are traveling on an unpublished fare (Wanna Get Away, Anytime, Business Select, or Senior Fares), Southwest Airlines will refund the Rapid Rewards points used to purchase your ticket back into your Rapid Rewards account. This will only happen after your cancellation request has been processed, subject to an administrative fee of $75.00 per person. For tickets purchased with non-refundable points, the unredeemed Rapid Rewards points will be forfeited to Southwest Airlines.

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