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A beguiling range of attraction, Pattaya is thought to be synonymous with ladyboys, drunk tourists, and Amazing Nightlife . But this, not even a quarter of what Pattaya offers.

Pattaya includes every activity that one can expect, ranging from Thai traditions to new adventures.You can experience vivid party streets or be humbled with sacred religious traditions.

There is a lot in Pattaya the charm of lush green rainforests canopy or the cabaret stage’s glamour and shimmer. You must have got an idea of the variation in choices that Pattaya offers. So now I am going to tell you about the 25 best things to do in Pattaya.

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Koh larn - Island

Koh Larn is also called Paradise island, Koh is a pristine white sand island located near Pattaya mainland. The amplified beauty of the beachfront, glittery sand, crystal clear water makes Pattaya a home to stunning charm.

Beach chairs for relaxation, beach umbrellas, and bustling shack amplify the magic. Swimming, sunbathing, relaxing Hat Sai Kaew (Diamond Beach) are some of the best things to do in Pattaya.

Nong Nooch tropical botanical garden

With various flora and fauna, the unique Nong Nooch garden is an award-winning garden. The 25 square kilometer garden is a fusion of French Garden, European Renaissance garden, Stonehenge, and species-specific garden like topiary, cactus, orchids, succulent plants, etc.

Watching Thai and elephant cultural shows brings you closer to Thai traditions and culture. For relaxation, you can stay in resorts, lakeside villa, or garden villa where you can even enjoy coffee and read in the hall. That is why this place is among the 25 best things to do in Pattaya.

Pattaya Floating Market

A riverside attraction, Pattaya floating market showcase the authentic living style of the adorable ancient Thai community. You can find everything right from handmade art pieces, silverware to vegetable stalls.

You will also find delicacies that will satisfy your taste buds. Cultural shows like dancing, sea boxing are some of the features because which it has been included in the” 25 best things to in Pattaya”.

If you want to relax, this market has facilities for foot, face, and head massage. So much but all too good and too affordable.

Walking street in Pattaya

The magical place where you can see neon light shimmering and listen to loud music, Walking street is a place meant for hardcore party lovers. This place pumps the adrenaline rush.

Even if you come to this place continuously for one week, you will find something special every day in this lively street: bars, nightclubs, aromatic cuisines, ladyboys, and whatnot.

The hotspot is best for couples and youngsters, and therefore it is among the 25 best things to do in Pattaya. If you have been to Pattaya but didn’t visit this place, your trip is incomplete.

Wat Phra Khao Yai

Also called Big Buddha Hill, the temple Wat Phra Khao Yai holds an 18-meter tall buddha. The fragrance of burning incense sticks, scenic view of Jomtien beach, pavilion hall gives an exceptional experience to tourists.

One activity that is quite common is setting birds free and increasing good karma. Don’t get confused!! Let me tell you in detail. Vendors are sitting outside the temple with birds in cages, and the idea is that setting them will cleanse your karma.

But we don’t recommend this because the more this activity is done, the more birds are encaged.

Wat Phra Khao Yai

Are you an adventure junkie? this is the place that offers a ziplining experience. The name ‘Flight of the Gibbon’ is inspired by the gibbons living in the area. Stunning canopies and traveling at 40 km per hour is going to be a mind-blowing experience for you.

The view of Gibbons from the top is the best feeling of this adventure. Of course, with expert sky rangers, safety standard is kept high. Overall this place is a fantastic spot for families and, therefore, one of the 25 best things to do in Pattaya.

Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park

A spectacular water park, this place offers slides, water rides, incredible food, and shows featuring cartoon characters like The Powerpuff Girls, Darwin, ben ten many more impressive performances.

You can get various international cuisines to be it Japanese, Indian, American, Italian. The cost is a little high, but the experience is exceptional, making it worth counting it in the list of 25 best things to do in Pattaya.

Sanctuary of Truth

let me clarify one thing before telling you about this place, this is not a temple as many would think, but it has been built by an entrepreneur to give a space for introspection. What a thought!! Isn’t it?

The 105-meter gigantic building made up of teak wood is a piece of art because each part made itself is a beautiful art of carving. It is the world’s largest woodcarving building.

Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park

A spectacular water park, this place offers slides, water rides, incredible food, and shows featuring cartoon characters like The Powerpuff Girls, Darwin, ben ten many more impressive performances.

You can get various international cuisines to be it Japanese, Indian, American, Italian. The cost is a little high, but the experience is exceptional, making it worth counting it in the list of 25 best things to do in Pattaya.

Tiffany's cabaret

An extravagant evening show, the Tiffany lounge, is one of the first shows in South Asia. Ladyboys perform with dazzling costumes and present impersonations in various forms- dance, tales, and songs.

The spectacular costume varies, ranging from long floor-length dresses to skimpy swimwear. A complete entertainment show of one hour show depicts various cultures and traditions. Keep reading; you will find more things that will amaze you.

Scuba Diving

The mesmerizing cold water will leave you in bliss. Whether you are an amateur or experienced scuba diver, Pattaya offers ample opportunities for both kinds of divers. If you are trying scuba diving for the very first time, Rest assured as experts will there with you to help you and guide you.

When you are underneath water in a unique new world, you find it hard to miss all that and come out of the water. All the Homo aquaphile would agree with that, and therefore, it is among the 25 best things to do in Pattaya.

New Dolphinarium show

Ever seen pink dolphins? No? It’s okay because Pattaya will give you yet another unforgettable experience, .so the next thing 25 best things to do in Pattaya is the dolphin show.

A unique chic show conducted by European trainers, dolphins shows displays dolphins and seals in action. You can click pictures with dolphins while swimming but make sure you read the guidelines and then go swimming because marine creatures are sensitive and must take care of them.

Mini Europe in Mini Siam

A store of a miniature replica of global landmarks and Thailand sites, Mini Siam is a great hotspot for family. Mini Siam is one of the most spectacular things among the 25 best things to do in Pattaya.

It is like traveling the entire world in just 80 minutes. So quick! You will find views of the Eiffel tower, tower bridge, the statue of liberty, Angkor wat (Cambodia ), Sydney opera house ( Australia).

You will also find temples, victory monument, Wat math art, king Rama IX bridge, etc. Such a memorable experience it can be!

Coral Island Pattaya

Also called Koh Larn, the coral island is a veritable paradise that displays turquoise water, coral reefs, and shimmery white sand. This place offers various activities that help this place to make a place in 25 best things to do in Pattaya.

You can take a good nap in the sun, do snorkeling, parasailing, or swim. Fantastic Thai lunch at a restaurant on the coast adds more flavor to your trip.

Parody Art museum

Are you a history geek? Do you appreciate the history of art? If yes, this museum will leave you enthralled. A tall magnificent building with a striking facade, the museum is located in a bustling area.

Upon entering the museum, you will be astonished by Vincent van Gogh beautifully painted and saying Hello parody. As you take a walk, you will find great surprises in the entire building.

Tarzon Flight and Tarzan adventure

Do you know about cartoons about Tarzan? Are you fond of adventures? Do you think why Tarzan flight has been kept in 25 best things to do in Pattaya? Let me tell you. Here You have the chance to fly like Tarzan.

A 20-minute walk from the central city, this place is a complete entertainment package for the entire family.Ever thought of riding a bicycle or a car in the air? I am not talking nonsense.

In Tarzan flight, a rope is stretched between the trees and a bicycle/car attached to it, and then finally, you will find decent over the picturesque lake. How interesting it would be !! Right?

Underwater world

A colossal aquarium of 4.75 acres and a home to several fishes and other aquatic lives, Pattaya’s underwater world is the largest themed aquarium. There are various zones within the aquarium, such as the Touch pool, coral reefs, open ocean zone, otter shows, shipwreck zone, shark and ray zone, etc.

In the touch pool, you can even touch the can even feed the hungry koi fish. This place is the place for kids and even for adults.

Khao chi chan

An epitome of the celebration of the king of Thailand’s 50 years on the throne, Khao chi chan is a limestone hill with the scripture of Buddha engraved on it. The artist carved the image with the help of new technologies.

First, a computer software was used to draw the picture, and finally, they used laser for engraving the mountain, yet gold was used to fill the scripture as there is a temple near Khao chi chan, so it is advised to wear proper clothing. Apart from the spectacular scripture, the surroundings of the hill will leave you awestruck.

Mum Aroi

Ever thought of having lunch or evening coffee by the side of a sea with appropriate seating arrangements. Yes, Mum Aroi, a restaurant in the village called Naklua, will give you that delightful experience.

The cool breeze is blowing with a sunset view, fishes swimming in the sea, and you are with your favorite coffee or favorite cuisine. Sounds magical? Just imagine how wonderful it will be in reality.

Elephant Sanctuary

A symbol of Thailand, Elephants, is considered to be the heritage of the nation. Therefore, it is included in the list of 25 best things to do in Pattaya. Animals like an elephant are giant but kind and do need the care. On entering the elephant sanctuary, you will receive welcoming tea and snacks and a bit of information about elephants.

You get an opportunity to know more about the life of elephants, their illness, etc. Mud spa with elephants!! Isn’t it a different experience. So do visit the elephant sanctuary to experience something new!

Ban Amphur beach

A quiet beach, unlike the busy Pattaya beach, Amphur beach is a soft, pristine beach with white sand and giant palm trees that makes it worth keeping in the 25 best things to do in Pattaya.

The fascinating thing about this beach is the delicious seafood that you will get in the restaurants. Moreover, this is the best place to relax and rejuvenate. In urban cities, our busy life makes us yearn for a sense of peace and tranquility.

International music festival

Are you melophile? If yes, then Pattaya has more for you. An annual festival that is organized for three days, the Music Festival of Pattaya is a place for all kinds of music ranging from hip hop, rock to some local music.

As it is among the most extensive beach music festivals held every year in March, you must visit Pattaya to experience this enthralling music festival among the 25 best things to do in Pattaya.

Central Festival Mall

Most of us are shopaholic, at least the girls are. And we are not reluctant to admit that. But even if you don’t love shopping, at the major festival you can find many other things.

Yes, it is the place for some of the top expensive brands of clothing, but there is a ten screen cinema hall that is going to leave you amazed. Without fine dining or quick snacks, it is incomplete.

So the major festival has various cuisines that can be chosen according to one’s taste buds. phewwww….. a complete package for the family. Don’t you think?

Fishing Charters

With pleasant sunny weather, Pattaya is a place that offers the best place to go fishing from October to March. For a good catch, live bait is a factor, but the captain’s knowledge about the hotspot of fisheries is also Important.

The experience and enthusiasm are unmatchable. Though the catches have declined over the period still, it holds its unique place in 25 best things to do in Pattaya.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Home to over 300 species, Khao Kheow open zoo, is the first zoo of Thailand . the animals enjoy their natural environment and, most importantly, uncaged. You can see the African savanna or explore the cat complex.

The nocturnal wildlife and elephant rides are some of the features which make this place worth keeping in 25 best things to do in Pattaya.

Serenity Yachting Pattaya

Last but not the least in the list of 25 things to do in Pattaya is serenity Yachting, a fantastic boat tour. It is a combination of many activities. The motorized dingy take the tourist to and from yach.

After unabated frolicking and relaxing on the coast of the beach, You can experience the Thai BBQ cuisines. You get to visit Koh Phai, Koh ped islands. want to enjoy fishing or sit near the beach, everything is there in this boat tour.


So, you would have got a brief idea of Pattaya. Now I think you can appreciate the fact that there are many other places to visit in Pattaya apart from the nightlife of Pattaya. So Pattaya is a perfect place to stay for couples and families too. Isn’t it.

Now pack your bags, let “Buycheaptrip Travels,” plan a well-curated itinerary for you to make this trip a memorable one. Please stay connected with us through our Facebook page to get regular updates regarding Thailand travel packages.