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Cheap Honeymoon Destinations Under Budget

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10 cheap romantic honeymoon destinations ideas under your budget in 2020

So finally,’THE DAY” of your life has come, and you are all set to change your status from single to married. So, the next thing that comes to your mind is a honeymoon. – aromantic trip with your loved one. It is a trip you remember throughout life, so it has to be exciting and the best journey of your life. Right? But what if you are looking for cheap honeymoon destinations Ideas? Keep that stress away because India’s best travel agency buy cheap travel agency provides affordable packages for your dream destination. Want to know about the cheap romantic honeymoon destinations ideas under budget? Go on reading because you will get nook and corner detail of the best honeymoon destinations at the lowest price.

1. Bali

bali bct
Bali Best Honeymoon Destination

You must have seen your friends posting pictures of the Bali honeymoon trip with their partner. It is because it is one of the best honeymoon destinations and budget-friendly too. So did you understand now that why most of your friends choose Bali? Yes, the idea of Bali is captivating. Now let me tell you about what fascinates people more about Bali. – when we talk about love and romance, idyllic beaches do come into your mind. Right? Just imagine sitting with your partner on the coast with a bottle of wine in your hand, exotic sunset view, cold breeze blowing, rippling water touching your feet, and your name with your partner written on the sand. Too romantic. Isn’t it? Wait wait. Come back to reality and make your fantasies go real by booking your package, or do you want to know more about Bali? No worries. You will get everything you need to know and so coming back to Bali. You can try some adventure too, like surfing, trekking, etc. Certain places are like tourist hotspots, but there are places where you can experience the serene aura of Bali. Uluwatu is a hotspot that eludes romance. Something as divine as Uluwatu temple to beaches and the adventurous cliff, Uluwatu’s experience is exceptional. If you want to keep your privacy, but also want to be a romantic couple. It would be best if you thought about going to Seminyak. It is calmer as compared to the famous Kuta. You can enjoy the nightclubs, have dinner in cafes, and stay in luxurious resorts. Another place worth mentioning is Ubud that holds absolute passion and love.

2. Croatia

costa rica BCT

located in central and south Eastern Europe, Croatia makes up a great choice. Pinfringed beaches with one of the beautiful coastlines make Croatia a must-go destination for the new couple. Plus, it gives value for money. One of the most romantic cities, Dubrovnik, is the place in Croatia which leaves people awestruck. You can take a walk on the wooden pavement built in the middle of interconnected lakes and forest reserve, and yes, of course, you can click beautiful pictures and create memories for your life. Again as told earlier, beaches represent love. So, Paradise beach of Lopar is a beach where cou[ples can spend quality time on the sides of a secluded bay of idyllic beaches. Even the food is incredible. Try it out and do share your experience later on.

3. Rivera Maya, Mexico

maya maxico bct

Located on the East coast of Mexico, Rivera Maya is a place that spreads romance. Tulum is the town that can become the backdrop for your romantic trip. If you want to go for some lively options, then the city of Playacar carmen will grab all your attention. Don’t worry more than your attention on your partner Just imagine exotic seafood, cold coffee, shiny sand beaches, and fabulous resorts. What else do you need in your honeymoon destination? Didn’t get impressed? Don’t like silence? Instead, YOU want to be adventurous. If you are more of an adventure seeker, then there is something for you too. Xplor park, including the Ziplines park activity, amphibious drives, swimming, rafting, etc. that makes your journey more exciting.

4. Thailand

thailand temple 1
best honeymoon destinations on a budget

Thailand is a place that caters to the needs of almost all kinds of couples. Whether you are a party animal who wants to enjoy the nightlife of walking street, or you are a spiritual kind of person who would love to visit Chiang Mai temples, or you are a lover of serene ambiance, Koi PHI PHI ISLAND is for you. So, in short, there is everything for everyone n this destination. Bangkok is a hub of honeymoon couples. The magical effect of Pattaya is known to everyone. The beaches, the nightlife. all too exciting Just imagine a Thai resort, moonlight basking both of you and swimming at your Thai bungalow. Such a magical effect it creates. Now, what about the magical pictures? Let me tell you that Thailand’s pristine waters are unmatchably photogenic. So it establishes beautiful memories not only in real but reel too. check out wide range of Thailand tour packages

5. Canada

Cheap honeymoon destinations
Canada, one of the cheapest Honeymoon destinations

If you are thinking of trying some breathtaking adventures, then Canada is the place for you. Biking, skiing, hiking, fishing, everything is here. Located in Banff national park is a lake called Lake Louise, a perfect destination for all the newlywed couples. It is a kind of secluded destination, and the turquoise water makes it best for outdoorsy couples. So even if you choose to hop some other places in Canada like Manitoba, Ontario, or British Columbia, every area has a specialty of its own, and it is worth spending every penny. Still, it won’t put a big hole in your pocket as it is budget-friendly.

6. Belize

Belize bct

located in central America is yet another beautiful romantic honeymoon destination, i.e., Belize. Ever heard of doing scuba driving. Yes, a lot of times, you would have heard and seen. Now it’s your time to do and show off Lil bit on social media. Even if you are not a pro in diving, a great blue hole is a place where visibility is better, and therefore you can catch a sight of stalactites and sharks while you are swimming. Belize is not just restricted to this. There is a lot more. Waterfalls treks and the incredible scenic beauty are some f the highlights of Belize. Now without delicious savor cuisine, your trip is incomplete, so to take care of that, there are plenty of options ranging from traditional food to modern cuisines. Belize is a fusion of the Mexican Caribbean and Mayan cuisine. you must try the homemade dukunu but if you want to experience the contemporary version of Belize, then go to rum fish Y vino, it gives a modern spin to the staple food of Belize

7. Costa Rica


In Latin America, Costa Rica is all about luxurious resorts, green landscapes, stunning beaches, and friendly people. You will find beaches that are paradise and a site for visual pleasure. Some of the most romantic beaches are Manuel Antonia beech, punta uva beach. Where there is water, there is an adventure. In Costa Rica, all sorts of adventurous sports are there that you ever wanted to try with your partner like skydiving, scuba diving, zip-lining, etc.you must have seen waterfall previously. Still, the picturesque waterfall of costa Rica is fantabulous. You can also find a natural sauna kind of experience as there are many hot springs near the Arenal volcano. It is best to visit this place from Nov to April because it is typically a dry season, so a favorable climate adds to your beautiful experience. Although there are a plethora of captivating options, san Jose is a place worth mentioning. It is a mixture of museums, vibrant parks, lively nightlife, and of course, excellent cuisines. You can think of trying out fine dining in Escazu.

8. Vietnam

vietnan bct

It is a very inexpensive place but without compromising your wishes for your ideal honeymoon trip. Verdant mountains, picturesque rivers, sparkling sand beaches, historical monuments. There isn’t a single thing that is left out in this place. Hoi – an – region is a coastal town that is a mixture of different cultures. Chinese temples, french houses, Japanese bridges. Does it sound interesting? All these things make it a budget-friendly honeymoon destination. Valley of love, as the name, depicts it is a place drenched in honey. If you cant feel the romance here, then you should think of marrying again, just kidding. Well, there is yet another home worth mentioning ., Xuan Huong Lake,it sounds sort of a tongue twister .yes it is a twister that adds twists to your romantic life too. And not to forget Halong bay that provides romantic boat tours. You can try cruise ride, cycle tours, or you can indulge in the Saigon opera house that is a musical extravaganza.

9. Srilanka

srilanka bct
best honeymoon places in the world

It has got a reasonable price, and the visa process is quick too. Lazing in sultry warm weather, sea waves washing your feet, tall mountains giving a lovely visionary view. All that at affordable prices. Ella is a fantastic hideout in the hills that provides you the much needed private space. Cascading waterfalls, beautiful canopies will leave you stunned. Have you heard of mini England? No, tell you Nuwara Eliya is known as mini England because of the beautiful highlands and beautiful villages. It is a secluded place which is a combo of exotic views and tranquility.again without beaches, a honeymoon would be incomplete, so there is a beach called Trincomalee that is the perfect place to spend time with your beloved. You can enjoy dolphin watching and also the sunset view.

10. Phillipines

a unique archipelago, Philippines is a home for cliffs, waters, sharks, and sports. December to February is the ideal time to visit this place, but that is not a hard and fast rule. As the Philippines have several islands – Boracay island, Bohol island, Palawan island are the name s of a few worth going islands. Subic bay is full of activities all day round. Sagada is a beautiful destination to experience caves, Bokong waterfalls. Like other places, the Philippines do allow participating adventure. Tagaytay is one such place. It is also known as the Philippines’ holiday town because it has a plethora of fantastic eateries and adventurous outings and doesn’t miss the beautiful sunset view. It is indeed one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Just imagine that you are sitting on the land with your partner under the big blue sky and surrounded by water from all four sides and enjoying the sunset view. Don’t you think it is too romantic to let go so quickly?

Cheap honeymoon ideas

There are plenty of options which gives you cheap honeymoon ideas. Gift your beloved the best trip of their life and explore each other more. Marriage is indeed a long term commitment, so knowing each other is essential, and honeymoon gives that opportunity. so what you are waiting for/ book your packages at buy cheap travel agency and get affordable packages to the romantic wonderlands of the world





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