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Cheap Vacation Ideas

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20 Cheap Vacation Ideas for couples and Families

Spring breaks ?? are you looking for cheap vacation ideas? But then your budget is low. Right?? No worries. Buycheaptrip travel agency provides the cheap vacation ideas for families to give more bang for the buck. Though the prices are low, that doesn’t mean your trip experience will be compromised. you will not only get the ideas for families but you will also get the cheap vacation ideas for couples. So this blog will provide you with a list of 20 cheap destinations all over the world.

1. Thailand

A trendy place among the tourists, Thailand, is a hotspot of famous beaches. It would be best if you also explore some less touristy places to experience less busy areas of Bangkok example Chiang Mai region. It will be all in your budget, and it will be an experience of a paradise. Also, think of going Nakhon si Thammarat to taste fabulous food at staggeringly low prices. These are some of the cheap vacation ideas for families. Thailand is a fusion of ancient ruins, opulent palaces, idyllic islands, and contemporary cityscape. Pattaya’s nightlife¬† , beaches, bars are some of the cheap vacation ideas for couples.

2. Singapore

singapore tour packages

whether you are planning to go with your family or for your honeymoon, Singapore is a place that is ideal for daily activities, secluded spots that makes it fit for the romantic dates as well. Exquisite Tanjong beach and Siloso beach are some of the most popular tourist places which make it a memorable experience and also make up cheap vacation ideas for couples.Apart from this skyline luge, Ifly Singapore is for adventure junkies who want to experience thrill and excitement. Most families love to visit the sea aquarium and adventure core waterpark. So may options? Isn’t it? So these are cheap vacation ideas for families too.

3. Malaysia

A unique country with an eclectic fusion of ancient customs with a dash of contemporary culture.

One thing that enthralls the tourists is a beautiful archipelago that is Langkawi island. The place is popular because of the azure blue sea and beaches. But what about kids? Malaysia has the Legoland Malaysia resort that is the first international theme park .so these are cheap vacation ideas for families.

It has a variety of rides, slides so your kids will be completely dazzled by this spot. Even for the adults, it is memorable as you can enjoy the underwater experience with marine creatures. Sounds interesting. What do you think? So if you ever get to got Malaysia, don’t miss Malaysia’s first islands, i.e., Penang, a worldwide famous exotic destination .¬†

4. Indonesia

the spectacular islands scattered in the pacific ocean, which has lush rainforests, active volcanoes. A gorgeous archipelago surrounds the islands, which is a home to marine creatures. Such a beautiful, gifted, and blessed country it is. The sheer experiences are spellbinding that will pump adrenaline rush. So much excitement, so much of natural richness that you can’t afford to miss these cheap vacation ideas for families.

The sight of sea kissing the island shores, scuba diving, snorkeling make the place more captivating. You must be wondering; I am talking about Indonesia, but what about Bali, the heart of romance. But let me tell you apart from Bali Ancol dreamland in Jakarta, Marapi volcano Sinden beach in Yogyakarta are some of the fantabulous places that are cheap vacation ideas for couples

5. Laos


Stressed up? Want to go to another planet which is isolated from the world? You don’t need to go to another planet; you can go to Laos, an isolated country in southeast Asia. Buddhist stupa “Luang” is covered with gold, which makes you amazed at how such a beautiful place exists in this world.

The caves, never-ending waterways, will make you realize that these are cheap vacation ideas for families. Even though you don’t appreciate nature much, you will still connect with this place because with so much hassle in urban cities always make you crave for peace and serenity.

6. Maldives

Beauty is what defines the Maldives. An exotic location with enthralling watersports like parasailing surfing, kite surfing, Maldives is home to a plethora of thrilling activities which are cheap vacation ideas for couples. Male, A well-organized part of Maldives, is famous for the idyllic beaches, opulent cafes, bustling markets.

Though the Maldives is a proud bearer of charming islands, the archipelago’s story is not complete without the Como cocoa island that ill leave you stunned. Luxurious villas located here are best to pamper yourself. There are other places like the artificial beach, magnificent Addu city, Male atoll that is gorgeous and must-visit places for travelers and makes up fantastic cheap vacation ideas for families.

7. Seychelles

located in east Africa, a tiny dot on the map, Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands. Surprising!! It is an isolated, dreamy place that you see in the cinema. The forest called mountains, pristine beaches, and blue waters are every tourist’s dream and are cheap vacation ideas for families.have you ever saw pink sand ? or a black parrot?

Don’t think I am talking crazy. In Seychelles, you will find the pink sand beach in la Digna, the rare black parrot that is also the national bird of Seychelles .there re several other places that make it so unique. Stunning photography mixed with marine creatures makes it one of the famous sites and provide cheap vacation ideas for couples.

8. Turkey

with the distinctive landmark, historical legacies, unique culture, and heritage, turkey is vividly known for its hospitality , climate, and rich history. Influence by the ottoman empire, turkey is appealing to both culture lovers and beach buffs.

Istanbul is a place that offers a wealth of things to tourists. You can splash in Dalyan’s mud baths or scramble over Goreme’s volcanic rock. You can choose to even swim in the ancient wreck of Bodrum. In turkey, whenever you go, where ever you go, you should not miss two things, i.e., coffee, desserts.These are indeed cheap vacation ideas for families

9. Hongkong

Hongkong is one of the most sought places for tourists because of the magnificent skyline, charming beauty, and variety of activities it offers. If you think what makes Hongkong very special, let me tell you that HongKong Disney land is the focus of HongKong’s attraction.

Apart from this, their area a variety of serene and scenic sites like Ngong ping, tian tan buddha, starry ferry, ten thousand buddhas monastery , the symphony of lights that make the place a worth visiting home with family or even with your partner. If you want to relish in local food, then sai Kung seafood street is a place, and if you wish to drink and dine, then the ozone rooftop is the place for you.

10. Myanmar

Myanmar’s sacred part that you will find everywhere in Yangon is the Shwedagon pagoda, whose sanctity is maintained for over 2000 years now. Not to miss the floating garden/ Inle lake that is a jewel for the country. Though the pagoda is one of the biggest attractions, Myanmar also boasts fantastic landscapes, tourist-friendly beaches. So it is a fusion of modern and old things

with balancing rocks adding to its grace.

If you are a hiker, then mount pope is a paradise for you. There is a lot more to be explored in Myanmar. It was just a gist!!


a must place for nature lovers, the word Kenya itself means safari. There are probably no other places that have such kind of adventure and romance. Apart from the worldwide famous safari parks, you can snorkel in coral reefs and rejuvenate on pearly beaches which are cheap vacation ideas for families. No doubt Kenya has stunning topography, but the bustling capital is the world’s most exciting and evocative travel place. Massei mara national reserve, Amboseli Lamu island, lake Naivasha are some of the highlights of Kenya.

12. Srilanka

it is a spot that has thrill, bliss, essence, festivities, heritage, pristine places, and a lot more which are actually cheap vacation ideas for couples and families. A mesmerizing island surrounded y the Indian ocean, Sri Lanka with various landscapes ranging from lush green forests to plains, pristine sand beaches, and highlands is a natural blessing. This place has something for everyone. If you want to look into the contemporary lifestyle, Colombo is a hub for that. Srilanka is a paradise for nature lovers. Nuwara Eliya, a hill station, Pinnawala elephant orphanage sanctuary, Kandy, another hill city, is just some places out of many worth visiting.

13. Lebanon

voyaging to Lebanon is itself an excellent opportunity to taste the incredible mix of different religions. Now let me tell you why this small country is gaining travelers’ interest and offer cheap vacation ideas for couples and families. one reason is Jeito grotto. If you have gone to Lebanon but haven’t visited the cave of JEito, your trip is incomplete because this place is the soul of Lebanon. Byblos temples are a couple of other sites. There are a lot more that Kenya has in store for you.

14. Philippines

ravel enthusiasts go to this place to visit the sandy beaches and to explore the unexplored natural beauty. Rizal Park is one of the best things in the Philippines. Beaches are the favorite of almost everyone, so in Boracay, you will find the white beach and puka shell beach there; you can take a sea bath and also enjoy the mesmerizing sunset view. If you ever visit Bohol city, you will be awestruck to see the chocolate hills. Of course, they aren’t pieces of chocolate, but their color is that of chocolate.

15. Vietnam

It is yet another place that is affordable yet enjoyable. A country known for its ample natural beauty, unique heritage, and vibrant history, Vietnam is a paradise for people who love all these things and are cheap vacation ideas for couples. Though a tiny country, Vietnam is famous for its Buddhist pagodas and pristine beaches. The pride of the city, i.e., the first swing bridge, has been dramatically designed. It looks fabulous at night time with colorful light shows.

16. Fiji

most people think places in the pacific islands are expensive but let me correct you. Fiji is one place, unlike its neighbors, that is not at all expensive. Pristine beaches, friendly people, incredible cuisines, and world-class diving. If you plan for a solo trip, a romantic gateway with your partner, or a family escape. Fiji has something for everyone. Sigatoka dunes, Taveuni hill fort, musket cove marina are some of the best places to visit in Fiji.

17. Nepal

The kind-hearted Nepalese, the bustle of Kathmandu, enchants everyone. Not many people know this, but Nepal is one of the cheapest places for mountain trekking. Vast expanses of valleys, mountains are full of peace and serenity and these are cheap vacation ideas for couples and families. Nepal is known for its multicultural heritage, but it retains its unique character very beautifully. City of temples, i.e., Kathmandu, thrilling activities, and sightseeing points, make up a complete package for a family trip worth remembering.



Located in western Europe, Portugal is an outstanding destination for people who have a low budget or are backpackers. Agrave, Lisbon, and Porto are the three favorite places of tourists. Tavira and Lagos are charming places that draw many tourists. Lisbon has everything, be it monuments, daylife or fantastic nightlife. However, Porto is underrated as a tourist spot but indeed an excellent destination.

19. Cambodia

It offers not only a budget-friendly vacation but too much fun too. Angkor wat, Siem reap the most famous destination of Cambodia. Riding a tuk-tuk is the most quintessential experience that you must try. Koh Rong is gaining popularity for the white sand beach, big blue sea. Cambodia is home to many archaeological sites like Koh ker.make sure you go to Prasat Thom temple pyramid compared to Mayan style architecture.


Among the happiest countries of the world, Bhutan is known for its peace and tranquility. The best part is that Indians, even without a passport, can explore the natural beauty of unexplored terrains. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Now that you have planned for Bhutan, you should know about places that will make your jaw dropped. One such place is Rimpling Dzong, which is a piece of marvelous architecture. Chele La pass is a spot for sightseeing of Himalayas. All these make up the cheap vacation ideas for couples


Cheap Vacation Ideas for couples!!!!Cheap vacation ideas for families!!! Everything available in “buy cheap trip” !!

These were the best places that you must have got the idea that each country has its unique special features. The only thing that matters is the itinerary that you make, which make your trip worth remembering. So we at buychaeaptrip take care of the well-curated exclusive itinerary. Please don’t wait for it anymore. Take a break from your busy setup and let your stress go out by booking a package for you and providing excellent services.




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