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Dubai Visa Services

Dubai is one of the most visited tourist places in the world. To travel to Dubai you need a trusted visa service provider for Dubai visa Services for a hassle-free service.

International trips are exhilarating, but it is full of planning. Dubai is one of the most common places where people plan their international travel, so if you want to visit Dubai in a hassle-free way, you are presently in the right place with the right people. Buycheaptrip Travel is one of the best for Dubai tourist visa services agent in delhi, so pack your bags for your dream dubai tour.

Dubai Tourist Visa Service for Indians 2021

Getting Dubai tourist visa service for Indians is the most tedious task in any international trip when you do the lengthy formalities but remain skeptical about the visa grant. We provide Dubai visa services that can be as quick as getting it in 24 hours. you can even apply the dubai tourist visa online on our portal. There are a number of Dubai tourist visa agents in Delhi. We at Buycheaptrip Travels provide the best Dubai Tourist Visa services at very low cost and hassel free service to all our customers.


Different Types of Dubai Visa

When planning a trip to Dubai, you definitely need a visa, which is issued by the immigration service in the Emirates. There are several types of visas, which differ in the purpose of the visit, its duration, the number of times the border is crossed, etc.

  1. A Dubai tourist visa is issued in case of travel to the United Arab Emirates for the purpose of holiday or tourism. This type of visa is open for up to two months, although the period of stay in the country should not exceed 29 days. The permit renewal procedure is not possible. Registration of a Dubai tourist visa to the emirates takes about three to five days, excluding weekends.
  2. A Dubai visitor visa is required for citizens who are going to visit relatives in the Emirates. This visa permission can be obtained only if there is an officially issued call from relatives. This visa is valid for only two months, and the period of stay in the UAE should not exceed 29 days. This permit can be extended. To do this, relatives living in the territory of the Emirate must contact the Immigration Service.
  3. If, when flying to another country, a stopover in the Emirates takes more than 24 hours, then a transit visa to the UAE is issued. This type of permit is issued for four days. A prerequisite is transit through the airport in Dubai. The document is drawn up within three days.
  4. A cruise visa is required for the CIS who, while traveling on a cruise ship in 2021, wish to disembark in the Emirates. This document can be single or multiple. This type of visa can take about two weeks to process.
  5. Resident  visa 2021 in the UAE is  issued  for Indians for up to three years. This type of permit is relevant for those citizens who purchase real estate in the country or own a company or enterprise in the United Emirate. Also, a resident visa can be issued to people working in companies in Dubai and other cities of the country. You cannot leave the Emirate for more than half a year, as the visa may be canceled.
  6. Work Visa. Such a permit is issued if citizens of Indians, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countires receive an invitation to work at an enterprise located in the UAE. Such a visa is issued once for a period of 30 days. In case of extension of the employment contract, a resident visa is issued.
  7. A business visa is issued to visit the Emirate for business purposes. The permit is issued by a company located in one of the business centers of the UAE. A one-time visa valid for three months and staying in the country for no more than 14 days. This permission cannot be extended.

Different Type of Dubai Tourist Visa Services

96 hours Dubai Visa Service: – 96 hours transit visa is for people who are transiting via UAE airport. The access is applicable for visiting another country via Dubai. It is a single entry and exit type and is meant for transit only. Extension of this type of visa is not possible. Validity is for 30 days from the permit’s issuing date, and the duration of stay is up to 96 hours from the entry time.You just need to pay INR2,900 and avail the speedy Dubai visa services.

14 Days Dubai Visa Service: – It is a single-entry visa that permits a stay of 14 days in Dubai. The pass is valid up to 30 days from the date of issue. You can quickly get the tourist visa within 72 hours by paying INR6,500. If it is urgent, you can even get it in 24 hours with our Express Visa Service.

30 Days Dubai Visa Service: – The visa is valid up to 58days and you can stay for 30 days. You can even get the permit extended twice by paying an extra amount. Within 3 to 4 days, you get the visa.

90 Days Dubai Visa Service: – Generally, people who want to go for vacations, visit a family member, or do business training prefer this visa. Generally, 3 to 4 days are required to process the application. It is valid for 58 days, and you can stay for 90 days. You have to pay the fees of INR 18,500 to get this. It can also be extended twice for 30 days each time by paying the extra amount.

List of Documents requried to obtain Dubai Tourist Visa Online Services

While applying for the Dubai Tourist visa online, Document plays a very important role. Before you apply for the visa you should make sure that you must study all the rules, as well as select the category of permission for crossing the country’s border and the information you are giving should be correct and should fulfill all the requirements required the embassy of UAE.

  • Scanned color copy of first and last page of your valid Passport
  • Scanned color copy of your passport size photograph with white background
  • Confirmed return air ticket (required for Ok to Board processing)
  • Travel Insurance for Covid-19

The Dubai Tourist visa is issued only in the form of an electronic copy. This document is nothing more than an electronic version of the permission of the Migration Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the UAE. Each e-visa to the UAE has a unique number, by which the validity of the visa is checked at the border. After a short verification procedure, the border guards put an oval stamp in the passport, and you can enjoy your vacation.
Particular attention should be paid to the fact that whatever visa you apply to the Emirates , it is issued only in electronic form. The originals simply do not exist, and they are not pasted into the passport.


  1. Visa cancellation (CANCELLATION) is mandatory for all refusals (Rejected status) for visas that will be rejected for any reason.
  2. Mandatory cancellation of a visa (CANCELLATION) for all documents that are in the system for more than 7 days (with regard to children submitted on their passports, without providing the requested birth certificate on time)
  3. Mandatory cancellation of a visa (CANCELLATION) for all visas, which were issued, but for any reason the applicant or passenger did not use their visa within 2 months of the visa
  4. Any re-application for a visa without prior cancellation (CANCELLATION) will be immediately rejected. In this case, must be canceled: the first unused visa, and the second visa application, in order to apply for a visa for the third time.
  5. For in-country applicants, DO NOT APPLY passports for a visa until the applicant becomes EXIT or LEFT, otherwise the application will be rejected and the request will need to be canceled again.

Please note that each CANCELLATION and each SERVICE must be paid.
In order to avoid misunderstandings, please, BEFORE applying for visas, check with tourists for valid or expired unused visas.

What is the Process of Dubai Tourist Visa Services Online ?

Dubai Tourist Visa Services Online process for Indian is very easy with Buycheaptrip Travels.

  1. Submit your Documents required by the embassy
  2. Our expert team will verify the documents
  3. Pay the fees in Full
  4. The team will submit your application
  5. Receive your Dubai Tourist Visa via Email

What are the Common Reason for Dubai Visa Rejection ?

There are a few instances where the visa gets rejected. Our company will help you not fall into that category. You may take a glance to know what you should keep in mind to avoid rejection.

  1. If a visa application contains typing error in name, passport number, or any personal details
  2. For females who are below 25 years of age, the visa can get delayed or rejected with the suspicion of human trafficking
  3. If your passport consists of the unskilled profession such as labourer, farmer, etc.
  4. Any criminal record or history of misconduct
  5. Blur copy of passport

What Do you know about Dubai Visa on Arrival?

Now Indians and Indian people with residence visas of the European Union and the United Kingdom can quickly get visa on arrival. The condition that must be fulfilled to get the visa is that the Indian passport must have been valid for at least 6 months.

Similarly, for the NRI, the residence visa provided by the EU / UK should be at least 6 months old. The individual can stay for 14 days with this permit, and one can also extend the visa once for a similar period by paying the extra fees. for more information you can check the official website here.

What to do when you arrive in Dubai ?

When you arrive at Dubai airport, immigration officials will check the legal documents, such as passport and visa. The officer might ask some questions and scrutinize your documents as deemed necessary. Recently e-gates have been established to allow fast track immigration processes. To avail this facility, you need to register at the airport. Custom and security is a crucial step while completing the immigration formalities.

You are not allowed to carry narcotics/drugs. You may be asked to remove your belt and put it on a tray and mobile phones. If you have medicines, you need to show the prescription, and the medication should not be for more than three months. Once you clear the custom and security check, you can exit the airport, and you will find our representative standing with a paging board displaying your name. On arrival, you can even personally contact our representative.

Why Choose Buycheaptrip Travels for Dubai Visa Services?

Because we provide the best Dubai tourist visa services at your disposal, don’t believe it? Check out the following things that make buy cheap travel as the best service provider for visa services. We provide visa services for countries all over the World with 100 percent customer satisfaction. You can even check the overwhelming response that we get from our clients.

Our efficient support system provides guidance right from step 1 to the last step. Moreover, we respect our client’s confidentiality so you need to worry about your documents. On top of that we make the process of getting visa hassle free so that you can pack your bag and have a blast.

What to do in UAE/Dubai?

Like any travel destination, Dubai resorts have many options for fun and action-packed recreation. Due to the rapid rise in oil prices, the country’s economy is actively developing, making it possible to create a large number of interesting tourist routes. Some of the most popular excursion destinations are the capital of the Emirate – Abu Dhabi and the main resort center – Dubai.

Visiting these cities provides an excellent opportunity to see firsthand the fusion of past and present in these two emirates. The program includes visits to the main attractions, the most beautiful dancing fountains of Dubai, as well as dinner at a restaurant, which offers a unique evening panorama of the city.
you can read more about Top 10 Things to do in Dubai with Kids and Family.

Naturally, the UAE can boast of monuments of history and culture – a variety of palaces, forts and archaeological parks will help you plunge into the history of the emirate. Dubai Tourist Visa Services 2021 provides an excellent opportunity to go on a safari, plunge into the underwater world, ride a camel along the ancient roads of nomads, share a fire and treats with modern nomads.

Diving enthusiasts will appreciate the flora and fauna of the seabed, and can also explore the remains of ancient shipwrecks. All wonders, monuments of history and modernity will be available upon obtaining a dubai tourist visa online, and we at buycheaptrip Travels are one of the best Dubai tourist visa agents in Delhi.

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai – City Of Gold

Badging 4th rank, Dubai has become one of the favorite tourist places for people all over the country. Also called the city of gold, Dubai is much more than a glitzy town. The city is known for some of the tallest skyscrapers, Burj Khalifa being one of them. It is home to the most luxurious, expensive, and the best things. The strategic location, excellent infrastructure, hi-tech techniques, and a tax-free city it is, which makes it apt for business.

The beautiful place leaves everyone stunned with its royal features. Dubai is known for its rich culture. Though people also get fascinated by the serene beaches, sandy desserts, and skyscrapers, the authenticity of emiratis’ cultural values remains invincible. Dubai is a place that caters to the needs of each age group. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult, elderly, kid, or teenager; it contains something for everyone, thus making it a family’s favorite destination place.

From thrilling desert safari or theme parks to shopping for shopaholics in the World’s largest shopping mall (Dubai Mall), there is so much more in store for you. Quickly look at the five best places to visit in Dubai


Everyone knows that Burj Khalifa is World’s tallest building, but very few know that it has got one of the fastest lifts in the World. It is best to visit this place in between 3 to 6:30. It is during this period when you can appreciate the spectacular dusky sunset view.


If you want to experience the thrilling and adventurous activities, this is the place for you. It has Dubai’s longest and fastest roller coaster ride called the Velociraptor. This place is not limited to thrill and excitement; it also has dining outlets where you can enjoy the food and spend quality time with your family. Aren’t you getting excited? keep on reading to find out what else you can find in Dubai

Mall of the Emirates and Ski Dubai

It is yet another feather in Dubai’s cap because the Mall of the Emirates is the World’s first shopping resort. Whether you want to go shopping, dining, or have some entertainment, everything is present under one roof. It is also a home to ski Dubai which is one of a kind. You can choose various fun activities like Snow Park rides, zorb ball activity, mountain thriller, snow bullet ride, etc. It is best to visit this place in the morning during weekdays.


It is the World’s largest choreographed fountain. Located just outside the Dubai Mall, it is one of the favorite places for tourists. The music and light show add more effect to the fountain. You can go there in the evening to enjoy the light show.

Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Walk

You can enjoy marina views in the evening and have dinner in some of the best cafes and restaurants. You will also find various arts like sand sculptures, street painters, photography. Various food stalls are there to take your quick snacks. sitting on the beachside with the cool breeze making your hair go frizzy and rhythmic water waves add music to the entire aura. It is an exceptional experience.

Don’t lose the opportunity and book your tickets for Dubai now. We Provide the Dubai Tourist visa Services at best price in Delhi. If you are looking for Cheapest Vacation Ideas for family and friends!