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Russia Tour Packages

The beautiful landscape has both cold regions as well as gorgeous beaches. The Russian Tour packages provided by Buycheaptrip cover this and more. The following are a list of the most sought-after Russian holiday packages. Russia is a vast country and is a part of Both Asia in Addition to Europe. Being the world’s biggest nation, it showcases astounding diversity in its landscape, culture, and climate.

The gorgeous country is an ideal travel destination for every type of tourist. The nation’s scenic landscapes and abundant cultural heritage contribute to an unforgettable Russia tour. Numerous exciting attractions and places of this nation have made it impossible for a traveler to explore it on a single trip entirely. But, Russia tour packages strive to familiarize you with all the nation’s character to a great extent.


Russian Holiday Packages 2021

If you planning for Russian Holiday packages, then you need to know about the Russia. Russia has the full name of the Russian Federation. It is a country known to have the largest area globally, with a total area of ​​more than 10 million square kilometers Covering a living area of ​​1 in 8 of all regions on the planet.

It is also the country with the 9th largest population globally, approximately 143 million people with a vast area. With this country bordering both Europe and Asia, Russia has a wide variety of time zones. And traveling to Russia is also various Which if you travel to Russia You may need to be careful in this regard to prevent possible mistakes. This is because Russia’s time varies between regions in the country, up to 11 time zones.

Russia is a country rich in natural resources. It has forests, freshwater, and natural gas as one of the world’s top. Its vastness gives Russia a very high natural diversity, including volcanic plains, forests, beaches, islands, and even ice-cold areas because parts of the country bordering Norway and Finland. In addition to the diverse and unusual nature. Russia is also a country with a long history of thousands of years.

It was causing various cultures, Including archaeological sites And beautiful art that is unique and striking. It is also a country with a top-of-the-line innovation Of the world. Traveling to Russia has become a center of diversity that may make you feel so different that you are not traveling in Russia in one country. Choosing to come to Russia tour packages 2021 is a journey that will surely be unique, rewarding, and enjoyable.


Russia Tour Package explore the beautiful architecture


If you enjoyed your Russia Tour Packages or Russia Holiday Packages, visit its quaint surroundings and exciting architecture. Russia Tour Packages, You should like this tour because you will thoroughly see the Russian capital with many highlights such as Sparrow Hills, Moscow’s viewpoint is all in one place.

See the Basilica of Saint de Xavier, Alexander I’s Napoleonic Wars’ triumphant memorial, and admire the Moscow Metro Station. Chill out in the Arbat Walking Street And started to go to the city of Zagros See the beauty of the Assumption Church and the Trinity Church, home to the bones of St. Zergius. Then come back and continue shopping at Ismailovo Market Huge souvenir market in Moscow.

Later you can see the highlights of the Russian capital satisfyingly. Whether it is the Kremlin palace Assumption Cathedral The Ark, and Michael Basilica, the Armory Chambers Museum is home to a vast collection of ancient Russian treasures. Continue to see the beauty of the Red Square. St basil’s cathedral Savior Clock Tower Lenin memorial Finally, shopping in a cool way. We believe this will be an enriching and impressive trip to Russia for you at the Gum Department Store.

Russia Holiday Packages: wading in the snow in winter

If you are the one who is happy with his Russia Holiday Packages trip, then we believe that this tour of Russia will be a hit. Because you will visit Russia to see the city’s beauty and have fun with activities in the white snowfields, it starts at Sarkorse.

To see the Holy Trinity Church The Holy Church containing the bones of St. Sergei, Before having fun at the Siberian Husky Dog Farm, apart from being cute, You’ll also have fun with a Husky Sledding, a rare experience. Then continue to Moscow visit Sparrow Hills for views of the city. And get excited about the famous Russian circus.

See Moscow’s beauty at the Kremlin Palace Assumption Cathedral The Arch and the Cathedral of Michael the Tsar Cannon The Armory Chambers Museum holds Russia’s treasures. I believe this will be a tour of Russia that you will enjoy and be worth traveling with our amazing Russia tour packages.


Russia tour, experience many emotions, watch, shop, chill together.

When you are looking for a Trip to visit in Russia that offers a wide variety of experiences and feelings, We recommend that you consider this Russia tour Packages offered by Buycheaptrip Travel. Because with Buycheaptrip, you will enjoy viewing ancient churches’ sacredness, such as the Holy Trinity Church and many more places like this.

Visit Assumption Church And the holy well in Sarkorse. Go shopping at the market in front of the church and IZMAILOVO MARKET in Moscow before experiencing the famous Russian circus’ excitement. We recommend you also see the beauty of the subway station Kremlin Palace, Cathedral Square, Marvel at the Armory Museum’s treasures. See the highlights of Moscow like Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral Savior Clock Tower,

See the Lenin Memorial Shop for brand names at Kum Department Store. Then turn your mood to see the cutting edge of technology at VDNKh Expo park, home of Russia’s state-of-the-art zoo, park, and space museum. Then continue to see the beauty at St. Xavier’s Cathedral And end shopping at BELAYA DACHA OUTLET Many streetwear brands. Let me tell you that in Russia, this trip will get you all your emotions.

Tourist places in Russia, take a tank ride to see Moscow’s beauty

This is a Russian tour Package that will take you on a trip to Russia. Experience a new experience that is not so easy to find. Because in addition to seeing the beauty of the subway station, The Kremlin Palace, Red Square, and St. Basil’s Cathedral.

The trip will also take you to Bunker 42 or the Cold War Museum. Which is a bunker built to hide from nuclear bombs under the appearance of ordinary buildings And the trip will also take you on a ride on a legendary Soviet tank. Followed by a visit to the Panzer Museum. You will have the experience of riding the BMP-1 in a distance of up to 2 kilometers.

If not satisfied, then there are also additional options that you can add separately. You can either try firing bullets from a tank gun or ride a tank, crushing cars like seen in war movies. They have to make it or try shooting RPGs and legendary firearms. You can do that too. It is a guarantee that you are satisfied.


Snow-hunting Russia Tour Package

If you are looking for a winter tour of Russia To fill new experiences For you to be unique, We recommend this Russia tour package for you to consider. Start gently With viewing the beauty of the highlights in the city of Moscow. Like subway station St. de Xavier’s Basilica, Red Square, and Kremlin Palace. Then continue to Murmansk to see the cool of the nuclear power icebreaker museum. 

Continue to Sami village Lovozero City, Experience the life of the natives in the snow. Then experience the reindeer and Siberian husky sledding, ride a snowmobile in the vast snowy fields. Before you flew back to St. Petersburg to see the Hermitage Museum, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Petrovares Summer Palace and traveled to Pushkin,

See the Catherine Summer Palace Church that drips blood. The Chesapeake Church Continues to see Peter and Paul Forts, NEVSKY PROSPEKT Road, and Outlet Village Pukkawa. Russia Tour This trip is for activities like the thrill of the real cold.

Russia tour, this trip must be adventurous. 

If you want to experience a unique and exciting trip to Russia, then believe that this trip to Russia Should be quite suitable for you because it is an unconventional trip to Russia. Let’s start by going to Irkutsk, which was known as the Paris of Siberia.

It is also a trade city between Mongolia and China. Visit the Toltsy Museum of Architecture and Ethnography, an open-air museum. Then take the ski lift up the Cheer Ski Hill to see Lake Baikal’s view. There is free time for you to enjoy skiing. There is also a Siberian Husky dog ​​sledding activity in the pine forest area. Followed by visiting the wonders of various aquatic species In the Baikal Museum.

Before you take the thrilling experience of riding the Hovercraft Khivus, take the experience of an amphibious boat that runs on both snow and ice on the lake. Continue on the frozen lake to the island of Olkhon to see the fantastic beauty of the ice growing. Let’s go see the beauty of the blue ice at Cape Coboy. Visit the indigenous villages at Uzury village and Ust-orda village, meeting Shaman believes that this Russian tour will be both adventurous and delightful for sure.


Climate conditions in Russia

Summer (June – August)

Summer Russia Trip The average temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius in June and will start to heat up. July is the hottest time of the year. The temperature is about 25-30 degrees Celsius when Russia’s trees will begin to spring greenery. If you take a tour of Russia during this time, you will see people sunbathing outside. Before the airdrops to about 20 degrees Celsius again in August.

Autumn (September – November)

Russia autumn trip The average temperature will begin to drop to around 10 degrees Celsius, starting to form ice, and it may rain some days. The tree will naturally begin to turn its leaves yellow or red. This will be another period that is suitable for traveling to Russia. Because the scenery is very beautiful Then the temperature will gradually Decrease steadily until it may reach about -5 degrees Celsius by November. And there may be some snow 

Winter (December-February)

Winter vacation in Russia The average temperature starts at -10 degrees Celsius during December. And will keep going down and down Snow starts to fall heavily in January and February. The average temperature may drop to -30 degrees Celsius, which is considered very cold. And covered with dense snow Make traveling in Russia during this time may be a little difficult.

Spring (March-May)

Russia spring trip During this time, the snow that has been deposited in the winter begins to melt. If you’re interested in touring Russia during this time, You should also carry cold gear with you. Because the average temperature is still around 5 degrees Celsius and will continue to warm up to about 15 degrees Celsius during May. During this time, the road conditions may be wet or slippery. Snow melting. And may begin to see some sunlight on some days.


Tourist attractions in Russia tour Packages 2021

Kremlin palace

Actually, the Kremlin in Russian means fortress. And inside of this fort, there are many important places, there are 19 towers, 3 important churches with Tsar cannon, including the Kremlin Armory Chamber, which is Russia’s oldest museum. More than 2.7 million royal treasures are preserved, and the State Diamond Fund is home to a collection of priceless dazzling jewels and jewels. It is also designated as one of Russia’s World Cultural Heritage Sites. It is a must not miss check-in point if you come to Russia.

Red square

An Important Place in central Moscow one should visit. Built-in the 15th century as a security area for the Kremlin Palace, not far away. It has become a symbol of both political and military importance in modern times. Every year there will be a demonstration of the Russian army’s military power. Around this square are many landmarks. If you are on the tour of Russia all the time, You must stop by and check-in here. Otherwise, it will become like it has never arrived in Russia. 

St Basil’s Cathedral

Russia Don’t miss the colorful scenery in Russian architecture. That can be considered a logo in promoting the Russian tour that everyone should be familiar with. Located on the edge of Red Square And is another outstanding place Sata In which everyone who traveled to Russia must stop and take pictures as a souvenir. With exquisite beauty and detail both outside and inside, Who likes to walk to see beautiful architecture or decorative art. You cannot miss this place in all respects. 

Winter Palace / Hermitage Museum 

Located in the city of St. Petersburg. It is one of the largest museums in the world, dedicated to Catherine III, and used it to house more than 3 million works of art made by artists around the world. It includes legendary artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Matiskogang, and many more. Five buildings are connected to a total of thousands of rooms. After opening for visitors, there is a new classification of various art pieces making it easier to browse. It is one of the most important historical sites. Where if you come to Russia And even more if you are an art line Don’t miss it here.

Church of the Spilled Blood

It is a memorial that King Alexander III created to commemorate the Father or King Alexander II, who assassinated this area in 1881. St. Basil’s Cathedral was part of the prototype. The church was badly damaged during World War II and was restored after the war by a number of craftsmen. The outside is decorated with colorful tiles. Inside there is a large wall artwork and a large mosaic by more than 30 technicians. It makes almost everyone visiting Russia have to find a chance to visit here. Otherwise, it’s definitely a pity.

Lake Baikal

It is known as the oldest lake and is located in the world’s deepest point. Its deepest point is 1,640 meters. It is 650 kilometers long and an average width of about 50 kilometers. It is also a World Heritage-listed lake. It is said to have been caused by water cascading down to fill the fissure caused by crustal cracks some 25 million years ago.

Here, there is a natural diversity of rare animal and plant species. As well as being a place that shows the evolution of different eras. In the world as well, It is another place that you should not miss. If you have a chance to visit Russia


Recommended restaurants on the Russia tour Packages 2021

Cafe PushkinVisit to Russia Must visit this restaurant It is a former mansion built in 1780 to recognize Empress Catherine. And this house was later changed several times later Until it became a pharmacy in the 19th century, which was open for customers to sip drinks while waiting to receive drugs.

Until it became a classic cafe today, there are many locations to choose from, both outdoors in the beautiful garden. And the inside of the shop is spectacular, like having fallen into a fairy tale Come on tour of Russia all the time. Don’t forget to sit and chill in a nice restaurant like this, you will be impressed.

Open 24/7

Coordinates: 26-A Tverskoy Boulevard, Moscow, Russia.


  1. White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar

It is a modern style restaurant from the 16th floor of the Smolensky Passage building. The cool thing is that this restaurant has a transparent semicircular glass dome covering the top. So you can enjoy the beautiful view from a high angle. Here, the focus is on Russian food that uses seasonal local ingredients, the restaurant is good, the view is beautiful, the food is delicious. Come to Russia next time, and you can stop by.

Open for service every Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday and Sunday from 12.00 – 24.00, Thursday / Friday and Saturday from 12.00 – 2.00

Location: 3 Smolenskaya square, 16th floor, Moscow, Russia


  1. Sixty

It is a very chic restaurant in a futuristic atmosphere. The shop is surrounded by large glass windows and is located on the 62nd floor of the Federation Tower in Moscow’s central business district. For you to experience the most beautiful view with stunningly stunning Inside the shop is decorated in a trendy atmosphere of the 60s.

The advantage of this restaurant is that there are many different nationalities to choose from. Then there must be one menu that is worth your liking. Go for food in a good restaurant Eat as a profit, life is a little better. I will not regret it.

Open for service every day from 12.00 – 24.00

Location: Moscow, Presnenskaya nab., 12 Federation Tower, 62 floor.

Tips for touring Russia tour Packages 2021

The most convenient use of public transport when traveling in Russia is the metro. Because it is quite comfortable and comprehensive. While using other forms of public transport May have communication problems And because Russia is a country that is quite cold most of the year.

To go on a Russia tour, you need a fairly right and well-equipped winter gear for comfort. And if you want to spend a long time in Russia, Recommended to choose to travel to Russia in the summer. Because there will be a very long day So you can spend your time traveling Russia or shopping happily.

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