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Thailand Tour Packages from Chennai

Best Thailand tour packages from Chennai

Are you planning to holiday at a location that displays a fusion of culture, romance, and scenic beauty away from Chennai’s usual surroundings? Let me tell you Thailand is the place meant for you because of the picturesque sceneries and gorgeous cities that draw tourists from all over the globe. But you must be wondering how you will manage the extensive planning required for your Thailand trip from Chennai.


Don’t worry about that as we make highly curated Thailand tour packages from Chennai. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the various cheap Thailand packages from Chennai. We are here for you because we care for you.  A southeast Asian country,

Thailand is the most sought tourist destination because it has everything ranging from lush green sceneries to authentic Thai cuisines. Thailand itself is a mini world to be explored. With salty air, the cool breeze making your hair messy and the sun kissing your skin, altogether a mesmerizing experience of Thailand trip from Chennai.

Thailand trip from chennai

The Thailand tour package from Chennai is well structured by our travel experts, who make sure that your trip is refreshing. With a plethora of enthralling Thailand tour packages from Chennai, these packages ensure no stone is left unturned in your Thailand trip from Chennai. Now let me tell you more about Thailand so that you get the facts to believe what I said before.


Street life of Thailand

With a number of food stalls, you can’t leave Thailand without slurping down the noodles made in the bustling streets of Bangkok.  With traffic passing on one side and huge skyscrapers standing tall on the other side. Thailand is a spot where you get almost every international cuisines .made to perfection. Thailand trip from Chennai includes such magical experiences.

The best part is whether you order food, exchange currency, or bargain with the sellers of the floating market; the language will never be the barrier in your way. A little bit of alertness and a dash of smile will do wonders in Thailand. Don’t forget to try wanton prawn soup in Chinatown.  Chinatown itself is a great experience as you can tuk-tuk to reach there.

Obviously, shopping is a must for all the tourists, so you can get some cheap but unique artifacts from floating markets, but if you want a sophisticated feeling, then there are many options for you too.

Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area is one of the places you can visit nicely dressed and sip a glass of cocktail at tony bars and watch the crowd pass by. so in short, Thailand offers a contemporary lifestyle in the form of megamalls and traditional river huts. Such a dynamic place it is!!

Now let me tell you about the two hotspots of Thailand that are popular choices of tourists- Bangkok, Pattaya

Bangkok- one of the hotspots of cheap Thailand packages from Chennai

Known to be a popular place for tourists, Bangkok draws the attention of people from all over the world. Though the major attraction of Bangkok is the gleaming temples and historical sites, Bangkok offers places of trying the delicious savor and shopping complexes where you will shop till you drop. You must include following places Thailand tour packages from Chennai.

1.Grand palace

A magnificent building, the grand palace, is situated in the center of Bangkok. It is a magical fusion of Thai and European art style. once the residence of the royal kings of Siam’s, this place is used to organize royal events to date.

Timings-8:30 am to 3:30 pm.
Location- Na Phra Lan Road, Old City (Rattanakosin)

2. Safari Park

The greatest zoo in Thailand, safari park, is segregated into two parts .a mesmerizing experience of wild settings of Africa will leave you stunned. So safari park is a place that has something for every tourist. You can also visit the marine park, which is home to a variety of fauna.

Timings – 9 am to 5 pm
Location- 99 Th Ramindra 1


A complete package for kiddos, Dreamworld is an American style park. The super splash, bumping cars, corkscrew, rollercoaster are some of the most exciting rides of the park. Even adults enjoy a lot in this Dreamworld because you can watch some Hollywood action shows. You can’t miss visiting snow town packed with snow and maintained at a temperature below zero degrees celsius.

Timings- 8 am to 5 pm.
Location- Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Bangkok 12130, Thailand

4.Madame Tussauds Museum

Brimming with extraordinary experiences, Madame Tussauds museum showcases wax statues of some of the favorite celebrities. If you couldn’t meet any famous personality till now, this is an excellent opportunity to click pictures and flaunt on social media. You can also enjoy great songs- rock music and pop bands which make it a worth remembering moment.

Timings- 10 am to 9 pm.
Location-6th Fl. Siam Discovery Center

5.Siam Ocean World

With some of the rare species, this ocean is the largest aquarium in Thailand. You would love to dive among sharks and explore the incredible beauty of water. You can also witness some of the deadliest predators in the tunnel, or you can take a ride on a glass-bottom boat, which altogether is a mesmerizing experience.

Timings- 10 am to 9 pm. 

Location- Basement floor, Siam Paragon, Siam

Pattaya- Another hotspot of  cheap Thailand packages from Chennai

Thailand is all about the sea, sand, nightlife. Is this what you think? Then you are pretty wrong. Thailand is much more than this



1.Pattaya beac

The famous beach of Thailand, Pattaya beach, is a lot more than just sand and water.Along a shady road, Pattaya beach is 3 km long and offers a sheer volume of water activities, souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels, bars. If you like a secluded place away from the crowd, then north beach is the perfect place to be. Thailand trip from Chennai must include Pattaya beach in the itinerary. 

Located in Bang Laming district, Chon Buri, Pattaya beach displays lounge chairs, cafes, beach umbrellas dotting the coastline. Pattaya beach is a perfect place for water enthusiast to quench their thirst for water love with scuba diving, paragliding, windsurfing, banana boat rides, and when you get tired of all that fun, you can take a relaxing Thai massage which would be worth adding in cheap Thailand packages from Chennai.

2.Art in paradise

Even though you are not an artist, art is something that everyone admires. So a gallery with an artistic twist, art in paradise, creates an optical illusion that brings life to the piece of art. Don’t forget to take your camera so that you can capture the picturesque beauty in your memories and add it in Cheap Thailand packages from Chennai. The name Art in Paradise is the perfect name for the place; it is indeed a paradise for artists, photographers, and even other tourists and that is why people include it in the itinerary of Thailand trip from Chennai.

  • Timings: 09:00 – 21:00
  • Location: 78/34 Moo 9, Pattaya Second Road Soi 1, North Pattaya
3.cabaret shows

Glittery costumes, dramatic songs, elaborate dance forms, all these extravagant things define cabaret shows. The starking feature of these shows is that you won’t find many female dancers on the stage; instead, they are ladyboys. The show has now been made a lot of family-friendly and displays Thai culture and history. It is a fantastic show where people get thorough entertainment and value for each penny they paid for the entry. You must include it in your Thailand tour packages from Chennai.

4.Walking street

When we talk about Pattaya, we can’t miss the popular walking street. An extravagant place with neon lights, loud music, clubs, bars, restaurants, the walking road is the center of attraction of Pattaya. It is a place for all the party animals . People come to Thailand specially to visit walking street . Do include this in your Thailand tour packages from Chennai.

Click here to read this article to know everything about nightlife and walking street so that you can make your mind to include it in your cheap Thailand packages from Chennai.

5.Ripley’s believe it or not

Have you read the book Riplaya’s believe it or not by Robert Leroy Ripley. The same book inspires this place. A fusion of three elements – stranger, beautiful, shocking, you will see things you won’t expect, such as a mask designed with human skin, a four-eyed man wax idol, a shrunken real human head, etc. Isn’t it a box full of surprises? Yeah, it is! It is going to be altogether a great experience for you. You should include this place in your Thailand trip from Chennai.

  • Timing: 06:00 – 23:00
  • Location: 3rd floor, Royal Garden Plaza, Beach Road, South Pattaya
Book your  Cheap Thailand packages from Chennai

So, you know you are set to book your flights, hotels, activity booking and take the Thailand trip from Chennai? Wait. Pause for a moment. Please take your seat and relax because we are here for you. We at “buy cheap trip “make the best Thailand  packages from Chennai that can be modified according to your preference.

So give all your worries to us, and we will create a well-curated itinerary created by our experienced travel executives. Book your Thailand tour packages from Chennai now and avail the best and cheap Thailand packages from Chennai at reasonable prices. Please stay connected with us through our Facebook page to get regular updates.