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Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets

Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets

Half Day
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Daily Activity
Group Size
30 People
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Located in the heart of Dubai Creek Park, the Dubai Dolphinarium is not just an ordinary aquarium. It offers an exceptional opportunity to have a memorable experience with the intelligent and playful dolphins. The Dolphinarium features amazing shows, where you can witness the stunning performances of these fascinating creatures. Moreover, you can interact with the dolphins and seals in unique ways and learn more about their lives in this vibrant marine sanctuary.

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Witness the Magic of Dolphin and Seal Shows:
Interactive Extravaganza: Immerse yourself in a 45-minute live show featuring bottlenose dolphins and playful seals. Watch them perform amazing tricks, dance in perfect synchrony, and even create their own masterpieces! The show is a delightful blend of acrobatics, humor, and education, leaving audiences of all ages spellbound.

Behind-the-Scenes Peek: Get a glimpse into the world beyond the stage with a behind-the-scenes tour. Learn about the training process, the care these animals receive, and the conservation efforts undertaken by the Dolphinarium. This unique experience allows you to appreciate the dedication and passion behind the show.

Dive Deeper with Interactive Experiences:
Swim with Dolphins: Fulfill your dream of swimming alongside these gentle giants! Choose from various programs, including shallow water interactions for a playful encounter or deeper dives for a more thrilling experience. Feel the power and grace of these creatures as they glide through the water beside you, creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

Dolphin Encounter: Get up close and personal with the dolphins in a shallow water interaction. Touch their smooth skin, feel their playful nudges, and even share a kiss! This intimate experience allows you to connect with these intelligent animals on a deeper level, fostering understanding and appreciation.

Beyond the Dolphins and Seals:
Exotic Bird Show: Witness the wonders of the avian world at the Creek Park Bird Show. Be captivated by colorful parrots performing tricks, majestic eagles soaring through the air, and owls demonstrating their impressive hunting skills. This show is a testament to the beauty and intelligence of these feathered friends.

Aquarium Exploration: Take a journey through the underwater world at the Dolphinarium's aquarium. Discover a diverse range of marine life, from graceful sharks and playful rays to colorful fish and fascinating invertebrates. This immersive experience allows you to learn about the delicate balance of life in the oceans.

Tips for Your Visit:
Book your tickets in advance: Especially during peak season, pre-booking your tickets online ensures you get your desired time slot and avoid disappointment.

Choose the right program: Consider your comfort level and preferences when choosing an interactive experience. Shallow water interactions are perfect for families with young children, while deeper dives offer a more adventurous option.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes: You might get splashed during the shows and interactions, so dress accordingly. Comfortable shoes are essential for exploring the aquarium and park.

Capture the memories: Don't forget to bring your camera! The Dolphinarium offers plenty of photo opportunities, from close-up encounters with the animals to breathtaking underwater scenes.

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Activity Includes

*Except for joining and leaving option, airfare is included for all departure city options.

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Detailed Activity Price

Adult Twin Sharing INR 2,250 PP
Adult Triple Sharing INR 2,250 PP
Children (Above 12) INR 2,250 PP
Child ( Below 12) INR 2,250 PP
Activity Included
  • Half Day Activity
  • Sightseeing
  • All Transfers
Activity Excluded
  • Insurance
  • Any other activity
  • Anything Not Mentioned Above


  • Above mentioned tour prices are Per Person for Indian Nationals only.
  • 5% GST is applicable on given tour price.
  • TCS (5% or 10%) is applicable on GST inclusive price for international tour.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.

Dubai Dolphinarium Tour Inclusion

  • Pickup from Hotel as per Itinerary.
  • Tour Manager Services throughout the tour.
  • Entrance fees of all sightseeing places to be visited from inside.
  • All Transfers to Hotel -As mentioned in the itinerary.

Dubai Dolphinarium Tour Exclusions

  • Any services or activity charges other than those included in the group tour itinerary.
  • Anything specifically not mentioned in the ‘tour price includes’ column.

Cancellation Policy

D - 0 to 5 100%
D - 6 to 30 75%
D - 31 to 60 50%
D - 61 to 90 10%
The Dubai Dolphinarium offers an exceptional experience for those who love animals and adventure. With interactive shows, enriching encounters, and educational exhibits, it's the perfect place to learn about marine life, make lasting memories, and discover the magic of these playful creatures. So, pack your sense of wonder and get ready to be captivated by the wonders of the Dubai Dolphinarium!


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