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One of Thailand’s most relaxing parts, Krabi island, is a stunning province with incredible scenic beauty, pristine beaches, and jungle. It is quite a prominent place; therefore, it requires you to move from one location to another, but it won’t be stressful because every step you take will show you different but gorgeous scenery.

The Krabi province is home to many beautiful beaches and other attractions. If you’re looking for a place to explore, this region has plenty of options. Whether you want to relax on the beach or take in some culture, there are plenty of things to do within its borders. Here are ten great places you should visit today!

As I told you, it is a prominent place, so here I will talk about the ten best places to visit in Krabi island.

About things to do in Krabi

There are plenty of things to do in Krabi, Thailand. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful beaches, go hiking in the jungle, visit temples and museums, or take a boat trip to one of the many islands off the coast.

Krabi is also a great place for shopping. There are many markets and shops selling local handicrafts, souvenirs, and clothing. There are also several large shopping malls in Krabi town.

For those interested in Thai culture, there are several temples and museums to visit in Krabi. The Tiger Cave Temple is a popular destination, as it is home to a large number of tigers.

The Wat Tham Sua temple is another popular option, as it offers stunning views of Krabi from atop a hill.

Overall, there are plenty of things to do in Krabi to keep visitors of all interests entertained.

1. Railay beaches and caves

Beaches are an integral part of Thailand. There are four idyllic white-sand beaches, limestone karsts, caves, a lagoon within the cliff all that in a small peninsula which makes it one of the best places to visit in krabi.

If you want to spend an evening in a secluded place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to spend quality time with your beloved or the most crucial person in your life, i.e., yourself, then this is a great place to be.

2. Koh Poda

Koh Poda is one of the best things to do in Krabi. This beautiful island is located just off the coast of Krabi and is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the stunning views.

Koh Poda is a part of a group of islands known as Mu Koh Poda. Surrounded by lush green trees, white sand beach, Koh Poda is a stunning place that offers some of the best views, and that might not have experienced in your life.

All sorts of water sports can be enjoyed like snorkeling, sea Kayaking and the best part is that it is not at all crowded.

3. The Emerald Pool

Like an emerald stone, this green-colored pool has a unique beauty of its own. Located in Thung Teao forest natural park, the emerald pool is the major attraction of the park.

Your body and soul will get rejuvenated with the water that comes from hot springs. Indeed the best place for nature lovers is why among the best places to visit in Krabi.

4. Koh Hong

Also known as Hong island, Koh Hong is situated off the coast of Krabi island. You can take a Phuket tour, Ao Nang, or Phang Nga to reach the wonderful island.

The magical archipelago has several tiny islands that do not have any beach, but the largest island has many beaches. The best part of Koh Hong is the hong itself.

Unlike other islands, it is not so crowded, thus provide peace and tranquility.

5. Krabi Tiger Cave

Wat Tham Sua is also known as a meditation center surrounded by large trees, mountains, and tiny caves. It is also a remarkable sight of historical interest. In archaeological excavations, pottery, stone tools, molds of buddha’s feet were found.

The spectacular feature of the temple is that monks worship within the tiny caves amidst the jungle valley. It teaches vipassana(a kind of meditation) which are relevant to early Buddhist texts.

The 1,272 steps lead towards a tower with buddha’s footprint, one of the temple’s major attractions.

6. Phi Phi islands

You can take a 90 minutes water ride from Karabi to Phi Phi islands where you can do all sorts of water activities, like scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking.

It is one of the loveliest islands of southeast Asia. A group of 6 islands, Phi Phi island, is the major attraction of hundreds of visitors.

7. Koh Tup & Koh Mor

A part of the Mu Koh Poda group of islands Koh tup and Koh Mor are secluded islands. Though not so famous, it is best for people looking for tranquility and peace specific shapes of both the islands to mark a spectacular feature of the islands.

Both sand bars offer an ideal place for snorkeling. The sand bar is also called Talay waek, meaning divided sea. Moreover Koh tap’s summit( another tourist attraction) offers a beautiful viewpoint to see the other islands.

8. Klong Thom Hot Springs

An epitome of tranquility, Klong Thom hot springs is where you can drench yourself in hot springs and relax your mind, body, and soul. We are always in fast, noisy surroundings in an urban lifestyle, so this place offers a much-needed break.

The greenery of the area will leave you amazed even if you are not a nature lover mm; this place will not leave you disappointed as it has the exceptional beauty that will leave anyone stunned.

9. Krabi Town

A bustling town that is majestically located amidst incredible Karsts formations projecting. You will be awestruck by the number of travel agencies and the sheer volume of hotels in such a compact town.

A transport hub, Krabi town is a hustling and bustling town of busy traveler scenes. You can find sheer volumes of food outlets, hotels, gift shops.

The river flowing through the town is a hotspot for fishing boats that catch fishes for their hotel tables. An authentic place to be, Krabi town is a must-visit place for everyone.

10. Ao Luk Mangroves

If you love to explore and if you want to try some soft adventures, then this is the place for you. Located 40 km off the Krabi town, Ao Luk mangrove has a unique environment. Two parks within this mangrove are Khao Phanom Beneha, Bok Khurani.

Ao Luk town is an authentic Thailand village that is a charming spot for rest while traveling from Phuket to Krabi. You can also pick some snacks from the food stalls present here. Overall it is a perfect place to spend leisure time in the poolside on sunny afternoons.